Initial Reactions

So I arrived in Prague on the chilly evening of May 31st after 10 hour flight from New York which included a brief layover in Frankfurt, Germany. This being my first time in Europe and over 4,000 miles away from home I did not know what to expect and worst of all I was by myself. However, I was determined to make it work as the trip was highly anticipated. My fears were soon alleviated as I realized that everything was written in english as well and there was no long and intricate immigration process as in the U.S. While I did go through immigration in Germany it was very brief and there was no line. Once off the plane in Prague I was immediately greeted with signs for baggage claim, ATMS and cambios. Within less than 20 mins I was able to change money, claim my bag, and get a taxi to my flat.

The ride in the taxi to my flat in the suburbs of Prague 4 lasted about 20-30 minutes and cost $40. The driver was very friendly and even made small talk with me. However, it being my first time here and being a bit paranoid did not divulge too much too but nonetheless, he made for a very pleasant car ride. As for the scenery from the airport to my flat, I had no expectations. The ride consisted of us being on the highway the entire time passing a lot of trees and grasses. At one point I even compared it to my home country of Guyana in South America.

My flat was just as pictured but surprisingly bigger. I always knew European style was smaller than American but the size of the room was sufficient. The toilet and bathroom on the other hand were a huge culture shock. The toilet was behind a door that appeared as a closet door, to flush you had to pull a string above your head and the sink and shower were in another room two doors down. This appeared comical to be but I was determined to make the most out of my time here. My agenda for the rest of the evening was to figure out the food situation and get some rest to get over the jet lag.

Snapshot of the kitchen

Snapshot of the kitchen



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