First Day in Prague 1

The reason for my trip to Prague is to partake in a research fellowship. It was a great opportunity and offer that I could not have declined.  I get to do research in a country that I have been incredibly fascinated by as well as travel and broaden my horizons.  With that said, my first day in Prague was spent recovering from loosing a night’s rest from all the traveling and trying to figure out the city using google maps and tripadvisor.

The first official day of my internship was Monday, June 2nd. I was scheduled to check in at the center at 10am . The train ride was a breeze as I am only 5 stops away from the center which takes 10-15 minutes.  Once out of the subway first thing I was greeted with were Mcdonalds and Starbucks. Being very early I decided to stop in Starbucks to get a drink and perhaps some directions. I was impressed at how well the workers spoke english and they even gave me a complimentary map which I was very happy about. Feeling confident I decided to try to locate the office by myself. Boy was I too zealous!! I got terribly lost, asked about 20 people for directions, all of whom gave me different directions. On the bright side I stumbled into Old Town, the site of attractions such as the Astronomical Clock and the statue of Jan Hus.

Astronomical Clock

Astronomical Clock

Statue of Jan Hus

Statue of Jan Hus

After wondering around I was finally able to locate NYU’s center.  I was acquainted with the office, and even met two another fellow.  Having done all the administrative and clerical duties it was no time to locate a store in which I can purchase a charger for my phone. What a task this was! After checkin countless stores an walking several blocks I was finally able to purchase a charger. Coincidentally, as I was exiting the store I had my first encounter with the tram. There is was, never seen one before as there are currently none in New York.



Having been overwhelmed by my surroundings and half the day of being lost I decided to grab dinner with two other fellows who arrived  being heading back to my flat. This was my first experience eating at a restaurant in Prague. I ordered a menu that consisted of a garden salad, pasta with salmon and strawberry ice cream. The pasta and salmon were amazing and the entire menu cost less than $15. Talk about a bargain!

With all that excitement in one day it was time to head home to figure out the arrangements for the next day.


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