Let The Adventure Begin

One of my goals for this trip was to make it as knowledgeable and adventurous as possible and not follow the same daily routine. Hence, my agenda for the first week was to explore as well as go on a free guided tour so that I can not only see the gems of Prague but also learn about the history behind them. After all, I am here on a research fellowship. So after my preliminary research for the day was completed it was time to explore more of Prague so I embarked on a guided tour that lasted for three hours. The tour guide was great as well as entertaining and seemed to know her history very well. The tour consisted of individuals from all around the world but predominantly young Americans spending their summer travelling around Europe. I met a group of girls from Atlanta as well as two American boys. After the tour we decided to walk the Charles Bridge and visit the Petrin Hill View Tower. The views from both the Charles bridge were amazing!

View from Charles Bridge

View from Charles Bridge


The Charles Bridge was structurally beautiful and unlike any bridge I’ve been on. While I was on it there were no vehicles riding on the bridge. Instead, the bridge was crowded with tourists and vendors selling handmade jewelry, souvenirs and caricatures.

Once off the bridge it was an uphill hike up the Petrin Hill to the Tower. Certain parts along the trail allowed for beautiful overhead views of Prague and the Prague Castle.

View of Prague as well as the Castle while climbing Petrin Hill

View of Prague as well as the Castle while climbing Petrin Hill

At the top of the hill was the Petrin Hill Tower which mimics the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Petrin Hill Tower

Petrin Hill Tower

Climbing the stairs of the tower was quite the workout after climbing the hill. Hopefully I get some thunder thighs after all this walking and climbing :).

The birds eye view of Prague at the top of the tower had me in awe  as it highlighted many of the city’s great features such as the Dancing House.

Close up view of the Dancing House from the Tower

Close up view of the Dancing House from the Tower

My favorite part of the Tower was the machine that  made personalized postcard. Of course I had to get three :).My customized postcard

After walking the hill we stumbled unto a movie set. Taught it was Game of Thrones but quite certain it wasn’t lol.

Movie Set

Movie Set

What an eventful day it was. Met new friends, learned a lot about the history and cultural and even got to see some of the must see places in Prague. All my stresses were alleviated as I became more acquainted with the place.



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