Dessert Fetish

I must admit that I have a very sweet tooth and enjoy desserts. So it is no surprise that I am having the time of my life in Prague trying out all these different desserts. I don’t feel as guilty since I’m so petite and they are very inexpensive :). First thing I noticed was that on every corner there is a vendor selling gelato, ice cream or sweet bread. If you know me, you know that this is a dream come through lol.

Since it was everywhere I decided to try the Czech sweet bread first. It smelled and tasted just like sugar and cinnamon. DISCLAIMER: For some reason I am not a cinnamon fan. So to my surprise I actually liked it. It was very sweet and sugary but hey one a day won’t kill :).

Czech Sweet Bread

Czech Sweet Bread

Nothing like a gelato on a 88 degree day :).



The ice cream here is also to die for.  I don’t recall the flavor of the ice cream in the picture below but it was amazing and had little marshmallows in the middle.  This and pistachio have been my favorite flavors in Prague. I’ve also tried coconut and mango.

Best Ice Cream I've had here

Best Ice Cream I’ve had here

Also, I recently had pancakes with ice cream and blueberries. It was delicious and came in a huge serving. I am definitely going to try more of the desserts especially the crepes.

Will keep posted.



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