Pleasant Surprises

Myself and two other Fellows decided to check out the John Lennon Wall and venture around that side of the river since we haven’t spent much time in that neighborhood. I actually wasn’t aware of the wall until I did the guided tour and met those other American girls who wanted to check it out. Since I wanted to get the full experience while I am here I decided that it is a must see. In retrospect, I am very glad that I decided to check it out.

It actually has a very fascinating story behind it. Since the 1980s the wall has been filled with John Lennon inspired graffiti and lyrics to Beatles song. In 1988, it was used as a means of protest against the communist regime as students and other young people would write grievances against the regime on the wall (I’m such an history person lol). Even though the original paintings and writings  are undetectable under layers of paint and other drawings, visitors continue to write on the wall.

Me at the John Lennon Wall

Me at the John Lennon Wall

Lennon wall

Lennon wall

Lennon Wall

Lennon Wall

Just a few feet away from the Lennon Wall we made a startling discovery. Prague has its own version of France’s Pont des Arts.  I was not aware of this at all and never saw it on any of the tourist blogs or trip advisor. I really wish I had brought an extra padlock lol but my mission before I leave is to buy a padlock, write on it and hang it on the wall. We’ll see if i actually do this or end up using the lock for my suitcase lol.

Prague's Love Locks

Prague’s Love Locks

Wait! The love locks story gets better! A few days later I was lost and managed to end up in the same neighborhood as the Lennon Wall. Surprisingly there was another bridge nearby with even more love locks. Now I definitely need to go back and leave one.

Love Locks

Love Locks



Stay tuned. I will be visiting France in a few weeks and will post side by side pictures of the two.


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