Quick Fellowship Wrap-Up


As many of you may or may not know, the main reason for my trip to Prague was to partake in a research fellowship that I was awarded. The fellowship was through my school’s(NYU) effort to grant students access to its may campuses worldwide. Particularly, graduate and Phd students who are unable to study abroad. Airfare, a per diem stipend and office space were provided.

Initially, my research was on the effects of globalization on multinational corporations (MNCs) but this changed. Once I got to Prague I took a very keen interest in its past under the Soviet Union and World War II. As someone who has studied history extensively I have always been fascinated with this topic. However, I wanted to dabble into economics a bit by researching MNCs and linking them with globalization. I have little knowledge and no experience in economics so this would have been a great time to expand my knowledge. On the other hand, I am in Prague so why not focus on something pertinent to my studies.

I just started a guided tour of Europe so look out for those posts. Once the tour is completed I will do an overall recap.


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