A Different Side of Germany

During the tour we will be visiting eight countries and of the eight I was most excited for Germany and Italy. I have heard so many stories of how lively Germany is and also wanted to visit because of the country’s history. I am very intrigued by its history and its extensive economy that is based on manufacturing. The first thing I observed after passing the German border were the luxury cars. This reminded me of the layover that I had in Frankfurt.  The second I got off the plane it was very obvious that I was now in Germany. The lot were the pilots and plane crews parked their cars was filled with nothing but luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Porshe. As an admirer of luxury cars this was eye candy to me.

We travelled through the Rhineland area and stayed in a sleepy town named Bruhl. The town was very quiet and was not quite what I was expecting but then again I was not in a major city like Frankfurt, Munich or Berlin.

The following day we visited Boppard and took a cruise along the Rhine River. It was beautiful and very relaxing. The area very pivotal during World War II as the Germans built several castles along the river to deceive the Allies. The train lines and  tunnels were also very crucial. In retrospect, the  Germans were very strategic fighters.



Scenery along the Rhine River

Scenery along the Rhine River





After the cruise we headed to Hiedelberg which is a university town. It is the oldest such town in Germany and was also very quiet.




My experience in Germany wasn’t quite what I had expected but I did enjoy it.  The towns we visited were strategic as they were en route to Switzerland while the other cities would have been a detour. However, this has made me even more determined to visit Berlin after the tour is completed. I am planning a trip to Berlin when my tour is completed. Since it is only 4 hours from Prague where I am based it is easily accessible by train or bus.




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