Benvenuti in Italia- Verona and Venice

The journey from Switzerland into Italy was quite interesting. To actually get to Italy from Switzerland we had to briefly pass through France.  the contrast between the landscape between Italy and Switzerland was very obvious and so was the climate. It was a bit cool and cloudy in Switzerland but sunny and hot in Italy.

We made a brief stop in Verona, the setting of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. There we visited Juliet’s balcony where the story began. The premise was very romanticized with a wall of love locks and writings.

Me at Juliet's balcony

Me at Juliet’s balcony

love locks

love locks

Certain parts of Verona were very quiet and appeared to be abandoned ,however, it was Sunday so it was possible that everyone was taking their evening nap. This all changed once we got to the main square as it was filled with tourists and street vendors.


We even stumbled unto Roman ruins which were discovered when the sewage system was built.


Roman Ruins

After Verona we headed to Venice. We stayed on the mainland and took a ferry to the island. The ferry ride was very shaky and lasted about 20 minutes. I must admit that I have always seen pictures of the canals of Venice and the gondolas riding along them but I did not know that everything was done through boat on water.  There is no car or any other vehicle allowed on the island. Goods are transferred to the island by boat. Even the ambulance and police are by boat. This makes Venice very interesting and unique.

Once off the ferry and onto the island we were immediately bombarded by men selling fake handbags and other merchandise. There were also a lot of souvenir shops as well.

Back side of houses in Venice

Back side of houses in Venice

We visited a glass blowing factory where glass ornaments are made. It was very impressive considering that there is no school to learn the craft, it is passed down from father to son.

I obviously could not of came to Venice without going on a gondola ride. Again, just like the ferry the ride was a bit shaky but overtime it quelled.

Gondola ride

Gondola ride


Grand Canal

Grand Canal

We also explored the Venetian Lagoon. Venice is actually built on 118 islands. Many of them are small and abandoned. There remains an island that is infamous for lace.


Venetian Lagoon

Island In the Lagoon

Island In the Lagoon

Venice has been my favorite city thus far. It is beautiful and the canals are amazing. I was really impressed that all of the transportation is done by boat. The architecture and everything exceeded my expectations. Not to mention I had no first taste of authentic Italian food which was to die for. I will definitely be returning!



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