The inlands of Spain: Barcelona to Madrid

From Barcelona we drove across the country to Madrid. To do so we drove along the inlands of the country. The inland of Spain was very deserted with no houses or signs of inhabitants.  Certain areas along the way were filled with fruit trees(apricots, peaches) but the majority looked like a desert. This was a huge contrast from the countrysides of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and all the other European countries that I visited. The countrysides were filled with vegetation and mountains covered by dense forests or grass.This was not the case in Spain.

Along the way there were several of the el toro(spanish for bull) posters. As you may already know bulls are big here in Spain with the bull fighting and running of the bulls.

El Toro

El Toro

El Toro

El Toro

Also along the way were countless farm winds. Spain is actually the third largest producer of natural wind behind the U.S and Germany.


wind farm

The difference between Spain and the other European countries that I have visited have made me appreciate traveling more. Even though the landscape of each country varied, there is a clear contrast in Spain. I was happy to see the diversity. At least when I am going through my pictures a few months from now I would be able to differentiate the inlands of Spain from the other countries :).

I am all about experiencing everything while I travel so taught I would just write a short note on this experience :).


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