Quick Dessert Stop in Burgos

One thing I have learned about Europe is that there are lots of  hidden gems or small cities. These cities are often overshadowed by the bigger and more popular cities but offer a very unique feel and experience. One of the highlights of the tour is the stops in smaller or less popular cities in between travels to the larger cities.

We mad a quick stop in Burgos which is the historic capital of Castile. Burgos looks very similar to the typical small medieval French city. The Arco de Santa María which is the name of the city walls was built during the medieval times. The town still has a medieval feel to it. Especially the Burgos Cathedral.

City Wall of Burgos

Arco de Santa María

Burgos Cathedral

Burgos Cathedral

The Burgos Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Train tour of Burgos

Train tour of Burgos


We stumbled unto a cute little dessert shop so I had a snack/dessert. As many of you know I love sweets :). Yes, I got two waffles with ice cream, whip cream and chocolate.



Even though they may be as vibrant and busy as the larger and more touristy cities I think experiencing small towns and cities are part of the entire European experience and provides a break from hustle and bust. You can even let your guard down a little bit and not worry so much about pick pockets lol just a little bit though.


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