The Bordeaux Experience

Bordeaux is a port city in the south of France that is internationally known as the wine capital of the world. It is on the Garonne River.

The Garonne River

The Garonne River in Bordeaux

I was fascinated by how lively Bordeaux was. There were plenty of street vendors selling all sorts of products from perfume, shoes, toys, scarves, maxi skirts and even knock off designer brands and purses.

Main Square of Bordeaux

Main Square of Bordeaux

Apparently, carnival was in town. There were huge teens and we even witnessed clowns passing through in a car. Unfortunately, there were no elephant or other circus animal sightings :(. It must be fair or carnival season in France because most of the cities that we visited had shows in town.

Clown Car

Clown Car

The French are known for their protests. They invariably protests against any grievance (all accolade from me for this). As we were leaving the city we witnessed a protest. Not sure of what it was about but it was totally awesome getting to experience this firsthand.

As we were leaving the city I noticed this futuristic looking bridge.


Bordeaux Boost Bridge

Bordeaux is truly amazing! Not just for the wine but also for its beauty and vibe. I actually wish I had more time to explore the city and sample wines. No fuss, I will get the chance to do all of that on my next trip :).


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