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Don’t believe what they tell you about the French. Rude and cold – non! In my five visits to Paris, I’ve found the contrary. Like people who saw our bewildered faces staring at a map, and asked if we needed help; or those who kindly offered to take photos, so that I could actually be
in a few rather than always the person behind the camera. Regardless of what you think of the people, Paris is a magnificent city – so much history, art, sugar, bread, and fashion. But be warned it is expensive, and after such great affordable food in Florence, Milan, and Greece there was certainly a bit of price shock. And the coffee was on balance sub standard (and overpriced) – stick to hot chocolate!


There is endless sightseeing to do in Paris – the Eiffel Tower of course, the Louvre, the Orsay, Montmarte, Versaille, Notre Dame, Champs…

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