Visit to the Cathedral of Notre Dame

The Cathedral of Notre Dame is known for its architectural structure. Its gothic French style has made it one of the most visited cathedrals.

The name “Notre Dame” is French for Our Lady. The Notre Dame has many significance experience. It was at the Notre Dame that Napoleon was coronated Emperor by the Pope in 1804.

(I apologize for the quality of pictures. I was using an old iphone).

Western Facade of the Notre Dame

Western facade of the Notre Dame from the Seine River

Stain glass window

Stain glass window

The high altar with beautifully decorated with kneeling statutes of Louis XIII and Louis XIV. There is also a replica of Michelangelo’s Pieta.

Inside the Notre Dame

High Altar inside the Notre Dame

The western facade shows portal of the Virgin Mary, the Last Judgement and Saint Anne.


Portal of the Virgin Mary

The gargoyles were built to dispose of rain water gathering on the rooftop. It is said that you can actually hear the gargoyles on rainy days.


gargoyle statues


Sides of the Notre Dame

Sphere (view of the Notre Dame from the bridge)

Sphere (view of the Notre Dame from the bridge)

I have seen countless churches during my travels but I was very excited to visit the Notre Dame. My favorite parts of the church were the stained glass window and the bells. I wish I had more time to examine and observe the beauty of the church even though it was very crowded.



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