Memorial for the victims of Nazism

Stolpersteine (German for stumbling block, plural) are small metal memorials honoring victims of the the Nazi including gypsies, homosexuals, defectors, blacks, disabled individuals and anyone who opposed Hitler’s reign. They are placed in front of the former homes, or work places of the victims. The first line reads “Here Lived,” followed by the victims name, date of birth, date of death and site of death.

The project was started by the German artist, Gunter Deming and there are currently over 40,000 stolpersteine throughout Europe, making the project the largest memorial.

Stolperstein in Berlin

Stolperstein in Berlin

I was aware of the Stolpersteine in Prague and passed by a few but did not know how widespread the project was. I regret not being aware earlier as I would have try to locate them in other countries such as Italy, France and the Netherlands. Anyways, it is a great and very creative way of honoring the victims of Nazism. Kudos to Gunter Deming for this!!!!


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