Visiting the Propaganda Camp of Terezin

I am a firm believer in actually visiting sites to get the full experience and to understand things more clearly so it is no surprise that I wanted to visit a concentration camp while in Europe. I am not the biggest fan of heritage tourism at times but it is important to visit these sites to be able to relate more.

The first camp that came to mind was Auschwitz but since Poland was not on my trip this wouldn’t be possible. Since I the most time in the Czech Republic it made sense to visit Terezin since it was just an hour outside of Prague.

Terezin (Theresienstadt in German) has had a rich history as a former military fortress and prison. It was used as a prison during the first World War. Gavrilo Princip, the Serb who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand which ultimately led to the beginning of World War II was imprisoned and eventually died at Terezin.

It was then later transformed into a ghetto and concentration camp by 1940. It was a place for the more affluent and well-known Jews. Although it was not an extermination camp close to 30,000 individuals died here and at the end of the war there were 17, 247 individuals who survived Terezin even though some were transferred to death camps. 







Old Chapel



Train tracks

Train tracks

The visit was a learning experience but also very sad :(. This was a difficult task and I hope I did not sensationalize it.


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