Interactive Conversation with UN Secretay-General Ban Ki-moon and Malala Yousafzai

On Monday I had the privilege of attending an event at the United Nations entitled “500 Day of Action for the Millennium Development Goals” with Malala and Secretay-GENERAL Ban Ki-moon.  The event was aimed at youths as it was an interactive conversation between UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Malala Yousafzai and was moderated by news anchor Amy Robach. The event marked 500 days until the Milennium Development Goals (MDGs) are set to expire.

Malala is an education activist who gained international acclaim after she was shot by member of the Taliban in Pakistan in order to silence her. Since recovering from the horrific incident she has worked closely with the UN and the international community to advocate for education. Her dream is for every child to have an education. Particularly young girls and those in developing countries.




Amy, Ban Ki-moon and Malala

Once the event concluded I tried to get a glimpse of Malala and Ban Ki-moon as they were exiting. Despite the crowd I was actually able to get decent pictures. My goal is to someday get pictures with both of them.



UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon



I was very moved by Malala’s story and impressed by how poised and passionate she is at only seventeen years old. While at the event I taught to myself  what can I do to have such a positive impact as Malala ? I still do not have the answer to this question but Malala reminded  the audience that she is just like all of us and the only difference is that she is more popular on google.

“The Taliban tried to silence the voice of one girl but instead heard the voice of tens of thousands.” We do not all have an inspirational story as Malala but collectively we can make a difference.


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