New York Knicks versus Milwaukee Bucks Basketball Game at Madison Square Garden

This past Sunday I attended a NBA game at Madison Square Garden. The New York Knicks hosted the Milwaukee Bucks.

While I have been to the garden several times this was actually my first time attending a live NBA game. I was very excited since I am a big basketball fan and always support my NY Knicks.

Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden


Knicks Mural inside the garden 

The garden is usually used for other sporting events and concerts but it is very patriotic towards the Knicks. There’s numerous wall murals and posters.


Surprisingly, I ended up with great seats with really nice views of the court and players. I was seated in section 103.

Me in my section

Me in my section

The game began with a moment of silence honoring the late Stuart Scott who passed away earlier that morning after a long battle with cancer.


Tribute to Stuart Scott

The entertainment throughout the game was very animated with the Knicks City Dancers and other acts. It alleviated the team’s woes.


Despite the team’s disappointing record the garden was filled with loyal Knick fans as the stands were pretty much filled.



The Knicks trailed throughout the game and were unable to play strong defense. The final score was Knicks 82 and Bucks 95, leaving the Knicks with only 5 wins so far this season.

JR attempting a shot

JR attempting a shot

Overall, it was a great experience. Coincidentally, this ended up being JR Smith and Iman Shumpert’s last game as members of the New York Knicks. They were both later traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Even though I was saddened by the news since JR Smith was one of my favorite players on the Knicks, I was really happy that I was able to see him play. This made the night even more memorable! I look forward to attending more NBA games!


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