Aftermath of the Blizzard of 2015

So the much talked about and anticipated blizzard of 2015, Juno, came and went. Fortunately or unfortunately, the snow was not as brutal as anticipated.  While other parts of New York experienced extreme conditions, the city itself did not experience heavier than normal snowfall.

I woke up at 7am expecting to see all the cars in the parking lot completely covered in snow but was surprised to see that they were just  partially covered in sheets of snow. However, the ice on the lights were awesome.

Parking lot

Parking lot

Once the snow quelled down I decided to go for a walk just to analyze the snowfall. It actually wasn’t anything that we are not used to out here in New York.





Walking in the snow

Walking in the snow

While the storm could have been very costly and cause dangerous conditions, I was excited to experience 20-30 inches of snow. In my fourteen years of living in New York I have not experience record breaking snow or extreme blizzard conditions. Nonetheless, I was happy for the first major snowfall of the season and definitely can’t wait for more winter wonderland.


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