So…whats it cost to live in Prague?

Great overview of Prague.


Czech Banknotes & Coins Czech Banknotes & Coins

After living here for almost 6 months, I’ve become quite adept to quickly converting prices from Czech Crowns (aka koruna) to American Dollars. And since I’ve been asked this question several times, I’d like to outline some typical costs a typical expat may face.

To note: at the time of this post, the current exchange rate was approximately 24.4 Czech Koruna (Kc) = $1USD. During my time here, it has fluctuated between 21.3 and 25Kc to the dollar,

Some costs have been covered in other articles but here is a rough run down:

Flat/Apartment: Monthly cost for a furnished flat, apartment fees (maintenance, heating, water, municipal services), electricity, and internet: 8200kc or is about $340 per person. Our flat is about 98 square meters, which is a relatively good size for the price, location, and condition.

Transportation: Monthly Cost: 550kc or about $23 for unlimited rides…

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