Boat Ride along the Masaki Peninsula, Tanzania

Since our hotel was conveniently located on a peninsula, we had a wide array of activities and tours to choose from. Personally, I was feeling the tropical vibe and wanted to do as much water activities as possible. However, I was limited to just the boat ride around the peninsula since I cannot swim and therefore unable to go snorkeling or diving.

After a full day of meetings we took a boat ride around the peninsula to enjoy the sunset and views. While the country is fairly inexpensive to foreigners, prices fluctuate based on the country that the tourist is from. Originally the sales agent quoted the muzungu (person of European descent or foreigner) price but significantly lowered the price once I told him that I was from a third world country. This turned out to be my first experience with bargaining and the term muzungu.


My initial reaction when I saw the boat was that it was a bit shaky and would capsize. After insisting of wearing life jackets, we took off. The ride was actually very smooth and not as bad as it has seemed. There were quite a few semi luxury yachts and boats docked and anchored. It was quite nice to see in person as Tanzania is known for its picturesque views of boats anchored in the Indian Ocean.






The boat ride was a great way to cool down and enjoy the scenery. The time of day allowed for beautiful pictures as the sun went down.


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