Tingatinga Market, Tanzania

The tingatinga style of painting originated in Tanzania and has gained popularity throughout Eastern Africa. The style was named after its creator, Edward Said Tingatinga who used masonite and bicycle paint to create such vibrant colors.Tingatinga paintings usually depict the country’s landscape and wide variety of wildlife such as the big 5.





Up until this point I was reluctant to purchase souvenirs as I wanted to scope out everything and bargain hunt but the paintings were too beautiful I couldn’t resist. The paintings were fairly inexpensive and were 3000 shillings but I was able to talk the guy down to 2000 shillings which is about $1 USD.

Image 1In addition to the paintings, a few vendors also sold cloth, necklaces and other assortments. I also purchased a beautiful pink beaded necklace. I am pretty sure that I paid the “muzungu” price even have negotiating but honestly I am happy to support the livelihood of these vendors and know for sure that the items are handmade.



I was so excited and wanted to buy so many paintings but had to remind myself that I would have plenty of other opportunities to purchase more goodies.


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    • From my knowledge it is used to refer to people of European descent but it is generally used to refer to foreigners. I don’t think it’s intended to be an insult and did not receive it as such.

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