A Taste of the Expat Life in Tanzania

After a few days of being in Dar we got a little bored of the resort and decided to venture out in search of more local food and festivities. We ventured out in search of Afro Lounge which we had passed several times. Apparently, we underestimated but closer it seemed when driving as opposed to walking.

After walking for about half a mile we decided to throw in the towel and just go to the first decent place. We stumbled upon the Pem-Ba which had a bit of a bar feel to it. The lighting favored that of strobe lights and the DJ played very modern reggae and African music.



The restaurant had a great vibe and was filled with expats and the more affluent Tanzanians. We wanted to social more with the locals but it was great getting this taste of what the expat life is like in Dar. Since I am in the humanitarian field and is interested in doing field work for a year or so in Tanzania, it was great to interact with individuals who have been working in Tanzania and hearing about their experiences.


I must say that I felt very safe walking around the neighborhood even with a “muzungu.” Tanzanians are simply trying to make a living and no one even approached us except for the occasional tuk tuk drivers asking if we were lost or needed a ride.

Overall, the entire experience was great. The restaurant, decor, food, drinks, music and crowd were all great. I am definitely considering becoming an expat.


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