In Honor of Sir Nicholas Winton

Almost exactly a year ago to this date, I visited the Terezin concentration camp in the Czech Republic. The tour of the camp concluded at the Prague train station in front of a statue with a man and two children. It was the brought to my attention that it was a statue in honor of Nicholas Winton who saved children from the Nazis by arranging train rides so that they can escape persecution and be placed in homes.


Statue of Sir Nicholas Winton at Prague train station

I was very intrigued by the story so I took a picture of the statue and went home to do more research. Apparently, he was not vocal about his work and no one knew until 50 years after when his wife found the letters and the children surprised him on a tv show.

I was saddened to hear about the loss of Sir Nicholas Winton last but found comfort in the fact that he was recognized while he was still alive and that I fortunate enough to be able to appreciate him while he was still alive. We often do not hear about the heroes of world War II and do not get to cherish them while they are still alive.


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