A Maasai Welcome to Zanzibar

Tanzania is well-known for its local population of Maasai people who live in the northern region along the Great Lakes. They are semi-nomadic cattle herders who inhibit small villages.While it is not unusual to spot a few working at resorts on hotels in Dar es Salaam and other places but they are mainly indigenous to the north.

Once we arrived at our resort in Zanzibar, there were a group of Maasi men dressed in shukas (colorful cloth) and carrying o-rinka (club) waiting to greet us.


After forming an arch as we entered, they gathered and perform the traditional jumping dance, the Adumu. It was amazing getting to experience this in person. Unfortunately, I was unable to record the dance since my phone was still on shut down mode but I was able to capture a few pictures.



Performing the traditional jumping dance, Adumu


I could not think of a better way to be welcomed to Zanzibar. I am fascinated by tribes and their able to maintain traditions and customs. The Maasai people have face pressure to abandon their customs and adapt a more modern lifestyle ,however, they have maintained their traditions and welcome tourists to experience their way of life.

Truly amazing! Tanzania is so rich of history!


3 thoughts on “A Maasai Welcome to Zanzibar

  1. This was a great reminder of the two weeks I spent, traveling around Tanzania in 2007. The Maasai can use that club to effectively ward off any predators to their herds, including lions. The boys, trained by the age of 12 or so, are entrusted with protecting a herd for the tribe. It is a beautiful culture and I hope to visit again someday.

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