Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar

The weekend excursion to Zanzibar was the most highly anticipated part of the trip. After seeing all those beautiful beaches and resorts in Dar I was even more excited. With such a long week of meetings behind me I could not wait to get in my bikini and jump into the Indian Ocean. However, the trip started off a bit rocky as my phone overheated right before we left for the airport and did not turn back on for about 12 hours. I was very devastated by this as I would not have access to my phone during the most beautiful part of my trip. Luckily, my photos were backed up on my computer and I also had my camera.

In going from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar we had the option of either taking a thirty minute flight or two hour boat. Personally, I would have chosen the boat because it would be the more scenic route but due to time, convenience and the risk of getting sea sick we flew instead. Since we were a group of 20 and the planes we 13 seaters we chartered two flights out of Dar.


Leaving Dar


The plane was a little smaller than expected but then again it was only a 30 minute flight. This was my first time on such a small plane so it was very exciting. I even felt fancy because we chartered the flights.


The overall experience was a bit nerve wrecking because of how small the plane was and how low it flew but this allowed for a smooth flight, beautiful scenery of the Indian Ocean and aerial views of the island.



Finally, the beautiful Zanzibar awaits!

Arrival in Zanzibar

Arrival in Zanzibar


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