Walking Around Stone Town, Zanzibar

I must admit that I had envisioned Stone Town to be a bit dreary ,however, it was the opposite and actually quite lively. It even turned out to be the best place to purchase souvenirs.



We did not have an itinerary or specific plan which turned out to be great because we were able to walk around and just experience the vibe of the city. Since there were so many markets and shops we were able to do a lot of souvenir shopping. Vendors sold anything from the sandals that the Masai people wore to octopus soup.


                        Roadside shops





           Slippers made from tires/rubbers

sea shells

                            sea shells

Orange peel drying

          Orange peel drying


                          Octopus soup

I would recommend anyone visiting Zanzibar to also explore Stone Town and not only focus on the resorts. I found the city to be more culturally vibrant than Dar es Salaam.


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