Wrap up of Zanzibar

So the highly anticipated trip to Zanzibar has come and gone. The trip actually exceeded my expectations and believe me they were very high. Of course I was excited for the beautiful beaches but did not expect such a full cultural experience such as being welcomed by the Maasai men, the clear turquoise water and water sand, learning the “Jambo Bwana” song, the Full Moon Party and the doors of Stone town.


Maasai men on the beach

We were actually in town for the annual full moon party which Zanzibar is known for. Getting to the party proved to be quite the adventure since it was our first time leaving the resort and we were not familiar with the island or even the venue of the party. There were no streets lights in certain parts of the road and we took a narrow, hilly, unpaved road. Surprisingly, the venue was conveniently located at a popular resort along the beach. One would expect the roads to such a popular resort to be paved and filled with street lights but this was not the case. Personally, this made the experience more memorable for me, I love to live dangerously and what better place to do so than in Zanzibar!




It was also in Zanzibar that we first encountered the world famous “Jambo bwana” song. The song is very popular in Kenya and Tanzania and is used to welcome visitors to the country. The band at our resort  played performed the song while the waiters/waitresses came out dancing to surprise anyone who was celebrating a birthday.

Furthermore, experiencing Stone Town was also quite intriguing. I have yet to experience anywhere else with such a rich blend of cultures. It was in Stone Town that we experienced authentic Tanzanian food for the first time.

House in Stone Town

House in Stone Town


Door In Stone Town


Stone Town

After a calming and eventful time in Zanzibar it is off to Kigoma for a change of scenery and different experience.


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