Karibu(Welcome) to Kigoma

From Zanzibar we flew back to Dar es Salaam and then onward to Kigoma in western Tanzania. Kigoma is the capital of the Kigoma region which is on the eastern side of Lake Tanganyika and is located within close proximity of the Burundi border.

Our plane was much larger than the one we used to fly to Zanzibar but was fairly small in comparison to  planes that are used for international travel and flew relatively. Since the country is so sparsely populated and we weren’t flying over Kilimanjaro there wasn’t much of a view. However, the landing was a bit turbulent.

Plane from Dar es Salaam

Plane from Dar es Salaam

Despite it being a port city with railway, it is very rural and a far contrast from Dar es Salaam. First thing I observed was the prevalence of the red dust.



runway in Kigoma

Airport in Kigoma

Airport in Kigoma

Baggage claim was very interesting but I must commend them for how efficient and fast it was since the airport was so small. There were no long lines or carousels.


baggage claim in Kigoma

Looking forward to the country life, views of Lake Tanganyika and possible animal sightings :).


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