Hilltop Resort, Kigoma

Unfortunately, due to logistics and the rural location of Kigoma, we had very little free time to sightsee and explore. The hotel was situated on an hilltop overlooking Lake Tanganyika with views of the mountains in the Democratic Republic of the Congo(DRC) on a clear day. The Lake forms the border between Tanzania, the DRC, Burundi and Zambia with most of it being in Tanzania and the DRC. It is used as a source of livelihood as fisherman and locals are very dependent on fish from the lake.


Lake Tanganyika

We were mainly confined to the resort and only kayaking on Lake Tanganyika. Having been exhausted from all the traveling and in anticipation of the long days ahead, I chose to spend most of my time relaxing at the pool, enjoying views of the lake and trekking down the resident zebras and monkeys at the hotel.

IMG_0520 IMG_0497


The way of life in Kigoma is very slow, in terms of entertainment there weren’t much. The animals and the views of Lake Tanganyika were the highlight of the experience.



I did get some much needed pool time and relaxation.


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