Update: Post-Graduation

I know I have not been as consistent with the posts as I originally planned but I’ve been busy adjusting to life post graduation. I don’t think I have openly shared this on my blog before but I recently completed my Master of Science in Global Affairs which was a big accomplishment for me.  While in some ways its was the most amazing two years of my life, I cannot say that I miss the stress and hassle.

I am still adjusting to having all this free time but for now catching up on sleep, tv shows and my social life. I’ve been keeping myself occupied by taking French classes and the job search. Overall, my job search has not been as horrific as I anticipated. I have been flooded with job postings ,however, the frustrating part is waiting 6-8 weeks to receive feedback. In two months I have applied to over 80 jobs. These have all been in my field and actual jobs that I actually see myself doing. Despite this I am very optimistic. Thankfully, I have a part-time job until December so I am not panicking as yet.

If any word presser is going through this phase in his/her life or have any insights please feel reach to reach out.

Thank you all for the continued support. Stay tuned for posts about my short stay in Dubai.


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