Dubai: Spice and Gold Souks

En route to Tanzania I opted to fly Emirates and layover in Dubai to A. experience flying with Emirates and B. visit Dubai. Dubai is the layover hub for Asia and Africa. The tourism industry is so widespread that tour companies cater to tourists on layovers.

I booked a private city tour in which I was picked up from the airport and escorted around. My flight landed early morning so I was able to get out before the heat became unbearable. The tour was a great overview as I must admit that I did not have time to really plan the logistics or must see sights.

The first stop was the famous souks (Arabic market where goods are sold and exchanged). The spice souks smelled of spices which was rather refreshing to me.



We then took an abbra (wooden boat) across the creek to the gold souks. The abbra ride was about 10 minutes and was an incredible cool down from the heat.







The gold souk is the most expensive market that I have been to. Store fronts were lined with gold to the point that it was had taking good pictures because of the glare.



Guinness Book of World Records largest ring


With the city tour I was able to visit all the city’s major highlights. More to come!


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