The Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is a man-made canal city along the shores of the Persian Gulf. In order to build the marina, water from the Persian Gulf was brought to create a waterfront. The project, much like all the other development projects in Dubai, is still under construction. Upon completion it is set to be filled with villas and residential buildings that would be able to accommodate 120,000 people. Once completed it will be the largest man-made marina in the world.


The first phase of Dubai Marina project includes 6 apartment buildings which are called the Dubai Marina Towers. The towers are named after precious stones, Al Mass, Fairooz, and Murjan, and  after Arabic scents, Mesk, Anbar, and Al Yass.

The Dubai Marina Walk which was also in phase 1 of the project stretches the length of the marina and is lined with restaurants, cafes and boats.


Dubai Marina Walkway

Dubai Walkway

Dubai Walkway

Phase 2 of the project is  “the tallest block in the world” with mega skyscrapers.

The tallest block

The tallest block


Dubai Marina Buildings

Dubai Marina Buildings

The Dubai Marina is breathtaking especially considering it is man-made. The canal is very clean and the water looks beautiful. The buildings and water front are brilliantly engineered. On my next trip my goal is to visit the Marina at night to see how illuminated it becomes.


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