Apple Picking in Upstate New York 


Ice Skating at Bryant Park

It is no secret that we have had a long and rough winter here in New York but it is coming to an end. For once I actually decided to embrace the weather and engage in a fun winter activity before the season is over. Luckily, I was able to get discounted ice acting tickets just a few days before the rink closes for the season. While I am horrible at ice skating and is in dire need of private lessons it is a fun experience.

Empty rink

Empty rink




IMG_8643 IMG_8651My second time ice skating was awesome. Cannot wait to go again next winter once I actually learn how to skate.

Frozen Fountain In Bryant Park

It is no secret that the east coast has experienced a treacherous winter. We have had snow after snow and record breaking temperatures. With March approaching we are hoping for warmer weather and for the snow accumulations to melt.

Yesterday I was passing through Bryant Park and noticed that the fountain was frozen from all the snow accumulation and bitter cold temperatures. Even though the snow was visibly melting because of milder temperatures yesterday, it was a still astonishing to see the fountain completely frozen.


Just another reminder of the rough winter that we have endured.